Jerry G. White

As a percussionist, songwriter, screenwriter, actor, and singer, Jerry G. fuses all those elements into his passion and love for performing, an arts educator, arts supporter, and an avid runner. A graduate of Newberry College in South Carolina with a B.A. in Speech and Theater, Jerry G. engages people of all ages in the art of performance which include: percussion, acting, juggling, traditional storytelling, storytelling using literary works, history, producing, and writing. His beloved phrase and mantra "Bring the words to life !"

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                        "Don't Cross that Bridge" Drawings by Lisa Kay

"I have vision a quest so to speak to enlighten to inspire to elicit change; so to speak..."

               "JUST US" (C) 2012

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"Along the path, it is always so nice to smell the flower blooms of the Magnolia trees. You can also see how the crape myrtles stand as a reminder of how colorful nature can be. On the branches of the almost one hundred year old Live Oak trees, the mysterious Spanish moss softly sways in the tropical breeze. If you listen, you might hear the songs of the Carolina Wrens. Look quickly, a brown rabbit may poke her head out of her rabbit hole. Scratching at the white sand, a squirrel may be looking at you as if he is asking, "May I run with you?"



"The dance of Summer is an all day affair, it goes by minute by minute, and hour with out a care. The golden colors of Fall drops nothing stays the same. It is always time for a new display in the change of Seasons... Seasons of change"